How to Dress Up Like Bucket and Skinner!

Posted on Oct 24, 2011

In need of some apparel ideas for Halloween this year? Then we've got you covered! All week we'll be giving you the deets on how to DIY tons of clever costumes inspired by our very own Nick stars. And today, we're spilling the swag-ology on two of our most epic stars.

Dillon Lane and Taylor Gray spend most of their days dressed to the nines in beach wear to play their characters Bucket and Skinner on Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventures. And since we've got the low-down on how these two dudes dress the part, we thought we'd send a little wardrobe knowledge your way. Get the 411 on how to dress like Bucket and Skinner for all your spooky celebrations...


What you'll need:

1: Shades.


The number one accessory for beach-bumming? A sweet pair of shades! Bucket and Skinner wouldn't be caught on the sand without 'em!

2: Board shorts.


To look like a surfer, you gotta dress like a surfer! Suit up in a pair of waterproof trunks, and you'll look like you're ready to hang ten.

3: Some sweet beach-inspired necklaces.


Dillon Lane sports this style on and off screen. Why? Because it's practically surf swagger 101! Plus, shark tooth necklaces are all the rage.

4: A shaggy 'do.


What do So-Cal surfers have that we don't? Those perfect just-off-the-beach strands. But you can 'do it yourself just by brushing out your mane and giving it a little toss. The messier, the better!

5: A best bud.


What's Bucket without his best bud Skinner? Make your costume extra epic by grabbing a friend to dress the part with you! Then, all you need is an extra large candy bag, and you'll be all set to get your trick-or-treat on, surfer style!

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