Happy Birthday Daniella!

Posted on Mar 1, 2013

Daniella Bday Image 1

Hey everybody! It's time to throw on your party hats and shout, 'hooray!' Why? 'Cause it's Daniella Monet's birthday. And that means a mega celebration is in order. But while we're watching our favorite Trina Vega clips and tweeting out props to this brunette beauty, what will Daniella be up to?

Daniella Bday Image 2

Well, we don't know her exact plans, but we can make a pretty good guess. First, she'll probably be snacking on some all-vegan birthday cake. You did know Daniella eats only vegan foods, right? Delicious and nutritious! Second, she'll most-likely be hitting the dance floor with her pals. This gal loves to groove. And third, she'll set aside some time to ring in the day with her family for sure. She's revealed in the past that her cousin is actually her best friend!

Daniella Bday Blog Image 3

Join us in giving this veggie-loving, family-oriented super star a big birthday shout out. She deserves it for being so awesome. Happy birthday Daniella!


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