Happy Birthday Gracie!

Posted on Aug 26, 2013


In case you don't know what a wonderful day it is, we'll remind you: it's Gracie Dzienny's birthday! This Supah Ninjas gal is a year older today (and a year awesome-r)! Our gift to Gracie? Not new tonfa or pom-poms, it's a list of 5 things that make her so supah. Don't miss it!


1. She's a dancer! This gal knows more than just ninja moves. She's admitted to scoring a few big wins in dancing competitions.
2. She can make her own cake. This gal loves bringing cupcakes for her cast mates on the set and is quite the master chef.
3. She's tough! She's just as tough as Amanda and even learned how to use tonfa on her own. "It was hard at first," she told Clevvertv. "There was a lot of dropping... but it's all under control, I got it."
4. She's super handy. She confessed to, "I am crafty and usually carry a glue gun in my car."
5. She's a great friend. She's kept close with her Supah pals, Ryan and Carlos, even though they're off set. "Ryan and Carlos treat me like a sister off screen and I know they always have my back," she told

These are just some of reasons why we think Gracie's so great. But today, she's extra special, since she's the birthday girl and all. So, join us in giving her some bday props and send some wonderful wishes her way. Happy birthday, Gracie!

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