Happy Birthday Leon Thomas!

Posted on Aug 1, 2011


Leon Thomas, AKA the uber talented Andre from Victorious, is ringing in a very special occasion today...his birthday! And although he's usually the one to take to the keyboard and play out a personalized bday tune for his friend's fiesta, we thought it was time we returned the favor. We're joining teams of Leon fans and friends to give this Hollywood Arts' superstar one of the biggest birthday shout outs we can muster.


So who's ready to shout it out? Ready? 1....2...3...Happy birthday Leon!!!!!

Hey, that was pretty good! Well, we can bet Leon's pretty content simply getting the gift of words on his big day. He admitted to Bop and Tiger Beat that his ideal birthday gift is actually, if you can believe it, a card! "I think cards are really great," he said. "I mean, you can hold on to 'em and you write a special message, and it always works out!"

So, if you've got any more words and wishes to share for Leon's birthday, be sure to spill them in the comments below. It'll make the perfect present!

And while you're in the bday spirit, make sure to send some wishes to How to Rock's leading lady, Cymphonique Miller. It's her birthday, too!


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