Happy Birthday Max Schneider!

Posted on Jun 21, 2012


Between performing with Keke Palmer at the Kids' Choice Awards, starring in the hit flick Rags, and modeling for a celeb you may have heard of named MADONNA, Max Schneider has had a super busy year! And after all that hard work, today's the day for Max to kick back, relax, and PARTY! But along with some much deserved R&R, he's been getting all kinds of bday appreciation on the interwebs. Max's buddy Dillon Lane sent Max a little bday love today, tweeting, "@Maxgschneider Happy birthday Maxwell Schneider! I miss you man, hopefully I can see you soon."


Aww, so sweet! And his Nick buddies aren't the only ones chirping at him, 'cause his Schneidermonkeys (AKA his band of super fans) are showering him with super cute birthday messages and vids! Max certainly returns the love by randomly following some of his 'monkeys.' Getting and giving gifts on your birthday? What a guy!

Don't forget to wish Max a happy bday by giving him a little shout out, too. We know it'll be sure to brighten his day, 'cause it already has! He chirped, "...Thank all you guys SO MUCH for sending the love and birthday wishes! I'm so happy! =)" No prob, Max!

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