Happy Earth Day!

Posted on Apr 22, 2013


Earth is the coolest planet this side of the Milky Way. Not only is it our happy home, but there's an entire holiday dedicated to its health. In case you forgot, today is Earth Day! And to make sure you're doing your best to keep our planet happy and healthy, we're giving you tips on how you can do your part.

If you need a role model for your Earth Day activities, just look to the cast of Victorious. They spent a whole day putting their green thumbs to good use by planting trees with The Big Help!


Even the planet's oceans are in need of some TLC. Somebody's gotta look out for the residents of Bikini Bottom! And Bikini Bottom looks out for planet Earth, too. Patrick here is saving energy by turning out the lights when he's not using them. You can help by following his example!


And one of the easiest things you can do today (and every day) to send some love to planet Earth is to recycle, recycle, RECYCLE!

So now that you've got some "go green" ideas in mind, get out there and get to it! Mother Nature will thank you for it. Happy Earth Day!

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