5 Facts About Breanna

Posted on Nov 26, 2013

5 Facts About Breanna 1

Did you know that The Haunted Hathaways star Breanna Yde is actually a six-foot tall lizard-person from outer space?! OK, that's a lie. But if you really want to get the down low on this little leading lady, look no further! Take a look at these 5 facts that'll make you rethink how well you know this gal.

5 Facts About Breanna 2

1. She's a star on the guitar!
That's right, Breanna's skills aren't limited to the stage, she's also pro musician! When she's not practicing her lines, this gal loves strumming a six-string.

5 Facts About Breanna 3

2. She's from Australia.
Can you say, 'G-day mate'? Breanna can! This little missy is actually an Aussie from down under. True story.

5 Facts About Breanna 4

3. She's a prankster in real life
Breanna is such a pro practical-joker IRL that even Frankie Hathaway would be impressed.

5 Facts About Breanna 5

4. She's sporty! She plays tennis and golf.
This gal loves to get up and move. Whether it be with a club or a racquet in her hand, she's always being active.

5 Facts About Breanna 6

5. She has a big fam. She's the youngest of 6!
If anyone knows how hard it is to share a house with a bunch of people, it's Breanna. On that note, do you think her real life house could be haunted? Creeeepy.

There you have it! That's 5 things you probably didn't know about Breanna Yde. Now you know almost as much about Breanna as Frankie does about ghosts.


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