The Best Pranks from Frankie and Louie

Posted on Jan 7, 2014

HH Best Pranks 1

We all know funny girl Frankie has a a soft spot for mischief. And Louie's no angel himself! So whenever you get these two together you can only imagine what epic pranks go down! Here are a few of our fave stunts we've seen these two jokers pull off.

The Frankie-In-The-Box

As the old saying goes, "If it's not broken, don't fix it!" Sometimes the oldest and simplest tricks in the book are the very best! When a level-10 ghost terrorizes Taylor's Halloween party, for example, Louie and Frankie are able to con her and save the day with this classic diversion trick!


The Bakery Man
When a rival bakery moves in next door and steals Michelle's recipe book, Frankie and Louie take it upon themselves to set things right... with a monster prank of course! Teaming up with Miles, this duo baked up some serious scare and made it clear you don't mess with the Hathaways!

HH Best Prank 3

The Milk Bottle
Sometimes Frankie and Louie just want to play bakery ball, but things can easily take a sour turn whenever Miles is put in charge of babysitting. Luckily, this duo isn't the kind to sit around. They took matters into their own hands and turned Miles into a real life milk man!

HH Best Pranks 4

The Epic Fail
This pranking duo has sure had some memorable pranks, but of course even experts can have their fair share of slip-ups from time to time. Yikes.

At least we know, come win or come lose, these two always know how to have a good time. And they'll always bring a giant smile to our faces doin' it!


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