How (Not) To Scare

Posted on Oct 28, 2013

How Not To Scare 1

Everyone wants to give the perfect scare, but make sure you're putting the 's' in spooky and not silly. To make sure all of your tricks and treats actually go as planned, learn from the mistakes of our favorite ghost, Louie Preston!

For starters, never leave the house with only half of your costume on, otherwise you'll be hearing more laughs than screams.

How Not To Scare 2

When flinging surprise pies into someone's face, double check that it's aimed in the right direction. Don't let your awesome throw turn to awful dessert disaster!

How Not To Scare 3

To pull off an epic spook, take a second to confirm that your body is intact. If part of you is still visible, the embarrassment will really make you want to disappear!

How Not To Scare 4

Something tells us Louie wasn't planning to change into a princess. Costume changes are fun, but only if it's what you want. So, if you want to scare someone, think creepy -- not cute!

Now that you've learned from Louie, don't make the same mistakes. Remember these tips and everything will go just as planned. Happy scaring!


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