Premiere Party Time!

Posted on Nov 5, 2013

Premiere Party Time 1

Watch out! Sam and Cat's Cameron Ocasio, The Haunted Hathaways' Amber Montana and The Thundermans' Kira Kosarin are taking over! Taking over the tweet trees, that is. The trio recently held a silly shindig at the Nick animation studios and took over the Nickelodeon account, in honor of their all new episodes hitting the tube. Oh, and they sent us some snaps of all the fun that went down. Huzzah!

Premiere Party Time 2

It's "cheese" guys, not "squeeze! Oh forget it. Permission to hug it out.

Premiere Party Time 3

Just look at this master at work! Cameron answered tons of silly questions like, "Do you wear a hat every episode?" To which he replied, "most episodes #PeezyB #NickStarsChat."

Premiere Party Time 4

Kira and Amber were hard at work, too, giving As to all their Qs! What was Kira chirping, you ask? "I feel like Frankie and Sam would make a really awesome buddy-cop team - @kirakosarin #HauntedHathaways #NickStarsChat," she typed. Seconded!

Premiere Party Time 5

Just look at these adorable besties! Like they always say, friends that do tweet takeovers together, ummm, stay together. That's not really the saying, but it works!

Premiere Party Time 6

But this shindig wasn't all work. They had time to play... with their food! Is that a walrus impression? Loving it.

Premiere Party Time 7

Did you dig these hilarious snaps from the premier party and tweet takeover, or what? How will you be celebrating all the awesome new episodes? By tuning in we hope!


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