It's Time to Chat HOA Season 3!

Posted on Apr 16, 2012


Hear ye, hear ye! House of Anubis fans fear no more -- season 3 is on its way! Yup, that's right. We're so excited we can hardly contain ourselves. We've been on the edge of our seats since the season 2 finale, and we're just squirming with questions (feel free to squirm along with us!). Make your way over to the House of Anubis Message Boards and chat all things HOA. With new mysteries on their way, it's time to unite and exchange all your well-kept secrets before the season premiere! Do you think Victor will finally make a change for the better, or will he revert back to his old ways? His dad did leave him the final component to the famous Elixir of Life...


How about the fact that everything is now in pairs?! Love is in the air now that Amfie is back together, Eddie and Patricia are staying strong, and things with Fabina are looking crushier than ever. Who will last and who will fall apart? Joy seems to have finally let go of her feelings for Fabian, and is on good terms with the crew. But will she become the newest member of the Sibuna clan? And what new adventures will Eddie's new-found identity lead the team on? Let those imaginations run wild and spill the beans! Trade your stories and preditions (even if they're just fan fictions), because who knows? The house is full of mysteries, and ANYTHING is possible. Let the secrets (and the countdown) begin!


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