House Of Anubis Season 3 Is Shooting NOW!

Posted on Jul 16, 2012


We know you've been wondering about your favorite boarding school residents for months on end. But now the word is officially out. Season three of House of Anubis is on it's way!! Production for season three of HOA will kick off this month in Liverpool, England! Wahoo! So, get those mystery-solving brains of yours in check, 'cause there are tons of twists, turns and spooky surprises to come...


In season three, it's the teens against the teachers as they race to defeat an ancient curse and prevent a great evil from reawakening forever! Excited? We know, right?! Well, if there is one thing you can always count on with House of Anubis, it's MYSTERY! And this new season definitely won't disappoint. So keep your eyes, ears and ancient spirit senses in tune, because there's a whole new bundle of mystical adventures headed your!

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