Be More Like Buddy!

Posted on Jul 19, 2013

Be Like Buddy 1

We all know Buddy Handelson plays the totally awesome Wendell on Wendell and Vinnie. But he's just as cool in reality! So we decided to collect some pro tips on how you could be more like Buddy. Ready to hear 'em? Here goes... First off, forget everything you know about the word lasagna. Buddy chirped, "I don't know why but I actually like pronouncing the "g" in lasagna. La-zog-na." From now on, you mustn't order anything off an Italian-style menu without an extra boost of ener-G!

Be Like Buddy 2

Start your engines for tip number two! If you wanna be like Buddy, you've gotta hang with models. But not uber glam super models... we're talking toy models! "Bought a model car to build," Buddy chirped. "When did they get so detailed? I just spent an hour building then engine. THE ENGINE!!!" It's a fact. To be like Buddy, patience is key.

Be Like Buddy 3

And our last tip to be more like Buddy is to start hitting the books. Buddy told Time for Kids, "Wendell is smart and he likes to learn, and I like to learn too."

So pick up a bowl of la-zog-na, start building models and grab a good book. You'll be just like Buddy in no time!


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