How To Get BTR's Attention!

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

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The boys of Big Time Rush love hearing from their fans. They go through oodles of fan mail every day! But most fans take their BTR shout outs to the tweet trees. Although there's one's super hard to be noticed when there's a bajillion Rushers chirping alongside you! Well, today's your lucky day, 'cause the guys just revealed to Tiger Beat how to catch their eyes with the perfect tweet....and what to avoid while chirping.

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Carlos Pena appreciates all his fans, but the one thing he doesn't appreciate is SPAMMING! The singer said, "'s unfair to the other fans who are trying to talk to us." So, just make sure that you don't send Carlos the same tweet one hundred times!

Kendall Schmidt loves surprising fans who feel Invisible. He explained, his favorite tweets are the ones "where fans say something like, 'You're never going to see this,' But I always do!"

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And Logan Henderson likes when twitizens use their imagination! He said, "I love when fans tweet me creative questions." For example, he said, "if you had a pet dragon, what would its name be?"

Getting the boys attention may be a difficult task, but thanks to this all-star advice, you just might score a personal nod from your fave group on earth!


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