How To Get James Maslow's Attention

Posted on Jan 5, 2013

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Who hasn't dreamed of chatting with Big Time Rush superstar James Maslow? He's not only great looking, he's totally hilarious! But even though this awesome star welcomes fan mail and Q and As in the tweet trees, you can't expect him to respond to every single message he gets. He's a busy guy! "I have over a million followers now, which is amazing, thank you guys so much!" he told Cambio. "It's unrealistic that I can respond to a million people a day, but I try and respond to people as often as possible." But even though he'll never get to chit chat with every fan (there are a bajillion) he still spilled some tips and tricks for getting his attention and asking the perfect fan question!

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Tip #1: "Ask unique questions. Anything you haven't heard before, I try and see and actually respond," James said.

Tip #2: "Anybody that spams, I try not to respond to," James explained. "If I see like, 'Oh, this is my two thousandth message,' I don't try and encourage that. Also you know, sometimes...people just say mean things, almost for attention, and I'm never going to encourage that, I don't respond to those people for the most part."

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There you have it! Follow these guidelines the next time you're concocting a creative message for James (but please, one message at a time!)


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