The How to Rock Cast Spills Secrets on Cymphonique Miller!

Posted on Jul 24, 2012


Cymphonique Miller is one cool cat. Not only does she have a superb set of pipes and star in her very own show, but she's got a personal style that extends well beyond her red carpet threads! We sat down for a little chat with her How to Rock co-stars, Max Schneider, Samantha Boscarino and Halston Sage, and they told us one unique secret about their pal Cymphonique. And it turns out, their inside scoop was all about her funky fashions! Catch the Q and A below.


Nick: "What's one thing you know about Cymphonique that we don't?"
Samantha: "If you don't know this, then you should probably get up to date on your information, but 'Nique always has like really funky nails. It's really inspiring."
Halston: "She always has the coolest nail designs ever! Like every nail is different."
Max: "She always has a bedazzled phone case. She has a pony one that the phone is a pony. And another one that says 'insert your brand here.' That's amazing, too."

Thanks for the inside scoop, guys! And not only did we learn that Cymph is a accessory trend setter in this exclusive interview, but we found out her adorable on-set nickname...Three cheers for 'Nique!

PS - You can check out some of Cymphonique's sweet nail trends for yourself in this Nick Stars Trend Alert. You're welcome!


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