How to Rock A Sweet 16

Posted on Jul 20, 2012


Between yummy cake, gifts, and great company, birthdays are always a cause for happiness. For one lucky teen though, a sweet 16 celebration was turned into a star-studded event when it was rocked by some of our favorite Nick stars. How To Rock's very own Halston Sage, Samantha Boscarino and Max Schneider came out to New York City to party with the birthday girl and 50 of her friends, thanks to a contest held by our peeps over at J-14. Talk about a super sweet 16!


This lucky gal and her family were all smiles at her big time birthday.


And even better, everyone became an instant winner with these hip gifts! All the attendees took home some killer swag, AKA the How To Rock Braces and Glasses novel by Meg Haston. Great way to keep everyone on the same page, huh?


And as if it couldn't get any sweeter, we were there to chat with the stars and ask them about their best bday memories, ever! Max explained that on his greatest bday, he was all work and a bit of play too! "I shot on my birthday all night 'til three in the morning and I went back at two o'clock in the afternoon the next day so it was like a double birthday," he dished. Well, even though he was stuck on set, staying up alongside his Rags crew surely makes for a fun time.

Halston also spilled on her special birthday moment as a tiny tot. "My favorite birthday was from when I was younger and it was a snatch breakfast birthday party," she said. "...So I woke up super early with my mom and we went to all my friends' houses and woke them up and surprised them and were like ,'We're going to breakfast!' And I'd never been to a party like that and it was my mom's idea and it was really fun and kind of a unique birthday experience." We give props to Halston's mom for this epic breakfast bash.

This sweet 16 was a blast, not only 'cause we got to chit-chat with the cool cast mates from How to Rock, but because there's nothing like a big birthday soiree done right! On that note, why not keep the party rockin' and share your best bday memory in the comments below?!

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