How Well Do You Know Liam Payne?

Posted on Jul 13, 2012


We've already dished the facts on Niall, Harry, Louis and Zayn. But there's still one Brit band member that we've gotta go gaga over...Liam Payne! In celebration of the special One Direction: A Year In The Making hitting the tube this Saturday, we're telling it all about Liam. Plus we're giving Directioners (that means you!) the chance to test their smarts on Liam and the rest of the band in the ultimate 1D IQ test! So study up these fun facts about 1D's most sensible member (factoid numero uno!), and get yourself ready for the sweetest special of the summer. There's only one day left, after all!


Fun Facts About Liam Payne:

Birthday: August 29th
Middle Name: James
Favorite Color: Purple
Home Town: West Midlands, England
Pets: He loves turtles and used to own two named Boris and Archimedes.
Biggest Fear: Spoons!
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Hidden Talent: Beatboxing
Did You Know?: He once asked a girl out 22 times before she said yes!


So, who's ready to quiz it? Come on, you know you wanna show your stuff! Your brain is totally overloaded with 1Derful facts, and it's about time you put all that knowledge to good use. And when you're done acing the test, make sure not to miss the rockin' special, One Direction: A Year In The Making, hitting a tube near you this Saturday night at 8/7c!

And because we just love showing generosity to our fellow Directioners, we've got a sneak peek clip just for you, below! Check it.

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