How Well Do You Know Louis Tomlinson?

Posted on Jul 12, 2012


What's one reason to tune in to One Direction: A Year In The Making this Saturday at 8/7c? Two words. Louis Tomlinson! Of course, there are four other reasons for tuning in (Zayn, Harry, Liam and Niall). But today, we're all about Louis! Before we watch his story come to life in the hour-long doc highlighting 1D's rise to super-fame, we wanna make sure we've got all our facts straight. And what better way to know your facts than to take a little IQ test? That's right. Today, we're dishing out tons of fun factoids about Louis, then giving Directioners everywhere the chance to test their smarts in the ultimate One Direction quiz. And after memorizing (or re-memorizing) all there is to know about 1D, your brains will be perfectly prepared to gaze into the guys' eyes as they take the world by storm, right in your living room.


So who's ready to hear about the oh-so-loveable Louis? Here goes...

Fun Facts About Louis Tomlinson:

Birthday: December 24th
Middle Name: William
Favorite Color: Red
Home Town: South Yorkshire, England
Dislikes: Baked beans
Bad Habit: Wearing shoes without socks!
Childhood Nickname Boo Bear
Superlative: He's best known as the joker of the group.
Did You Know?: Louis' first pet was a pup named Ted!


Confident enough to quiz it up? After all those fun Louis facts, you should be! So what are you waiting for? Show your smarts! And don't forget to watch 1D's journey to stardom come to life by tuning in to the special, One Direction: A Year In The Making, this Saturday night at 8/7c!

Can't wait a single second to watch the guys on the tube? Then catch another sneak peek clip of Saturday's show, below!

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