How Well Do You Know Niall Horan?

Posted on Jul 3, 2012


Have you heard? We're celebrating our ever-growing love for One Direction by giving Directioners everywhere the full 411 on the band. How? Well, first off, there's their awesome documentary-style special that's coming to Nick on July 14th; dishing inside deets on the formation of the group and giving fans an inside look at their fabulouso lives (mark your calendars!). But that's not all! We're also giving all those 1D experts out there the chance to test their own smarts (and maybe even gain some knowledge) about the guys by rolling out facts and tough trivia about each of the Brit band members.


So who's the lucky Brit we're chatting about today? Well, actually he's the one member of 1D who doesn't hail from England (fact number one). We're celebrating Ireland's own, Niall Horan! But how well do you really know this superstar singer? Peep his fact list below. THEN, see how much these tid bits have added to your Brit band brains by taking the 1D IQ Test. Even if you already knew all this info (Directioners do eat, sleep and breathe 1D, after all), it's still a good test of your obsession status.


Fun Facts About Niall Horan:

Birthday: September 13th
Middle Name: James
Favorite Color: Blue
Home Town: Mullingar, Ireland
Left or Righty?: Lefty!
Bad Habit: Talking in his sleep
Favorite Animal: Giraffe
Hidden Talent: Playing the guitar
Natural Blonde?: No. Believe it or not, Niall bleaches his beautiful blonde locks!


Now you know a little bit more about Niall (or you jogged your memory, at least). Now it's time for the ultimate test! Get your 1D IQ here, and make sure to stay tuned for more facts and questions on the boys. Next up...Zayn Malik!

Oh, and don't miss even more inside info on the boys when their story comes to life in the One Direction special, airing July 14th on Nick!

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