How Well Do You Know Zayn Malik?

Posted on Jul 5, 2012


Who's ready to celebrate another boy of One Direction? Today, we're chatting all about Zayn Malik in honor of the upcoming 1D documentary special, coming to Nick on July 14th! You'll be able to watch One Direction's full story come to life in this rockin' doc, but before you do, join us in learning a little more about the boys. And after you're done, quiz your smarts in 1D trivia! So, who's ready to here all about Zayn? Here goes...


Fun Facts About Zayn Malik:

Birthday: January 13th
Middle Name: Javadd
Favorite Color: Red
Home Town: Bradford, London
Catchphrase: "Vas' Happenin'?"
Biggest Fear: Heights
Favorite Hobby: Drawing
Hidden Talent: He can play the triangle!
Did You Know?: Zayn's name was originally spelled 'Zain,' but he prefers to spell it with a Y.


Now that you've read up on Zayn, it's time for the ultimate 1D test! Even if you knew some of these fun facts already, you can still test your true 1D IQ by quizzing it up with fun trivia about the band. Plus, as we celebrate a new member of 1D each day, we're adding all new questions to the test so you can keep quizzing again and again! What are you waiting for? Go now!


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