How to Rock's Back to School Style Tips!

Posted on Sep 6, 2012


There are lots of reasons to be excited for going back to classes, new friends, and new fashion! But deciding on the perfect outfit for hangin' in the halls can be tough, so we're bringing you some exclusive advice from a few stars who definitely know How to Rock their threads. We chatted with Max Schneider, Halston Sage, and Samantha Boscarino, and got their opinion on the best back-to-school styles. Peep their advice, below!


Samantha: "Okay, so I am all about the comfort when it comes to back to school style. So I would say a nice pair of comfortable jeans. There's a lot of cool like, stretchier jeans that are cool if you have PE or something. So maybe invest in a good pair of jeans."


Halston: "I'm a fan of a good shoulder bag, you know a good book bag that's comfortable but stylish. Kind of gives a little flare to your outfit. I'm a big bag person, that's my favorite accessory."


Max: "I would say to accompany those wonderful things, a nice water bottle. Keep hydrated, you wanna stay smart, keep hydrated, keep the brain flowing. Boom. Water. Done. That's my tip. And a ukulele, bring it everywhere you go. That one's optional."

There you have it! A comfy pair of jeans, a stylish bag, and a healthy bottle of water are the gang's go-to goods for successful school style. And of course, if you're as musical as Max, a ukulele is a must-have accessory for your hallway harmonies. So, what's in your back-to-school style file? Tell us in the comments!

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