What's Next For The iCarly Cast?

Posted on Aug 7, 2012


Over the years, iCarly has created enough memories to give us a lifetime of laughs, but all good things must come to an end...right? Well actually, it turns out we don't have to say goodbye to the iCarly crew just yet! The word is out that Jennette McCurdy, Noah Munck, and Jerry Trainor will each be airing brand new pilots on Nick! This is cause for celebration. Hip-hip-hooray!


We've got all the deets, straight from Entertainment Weekly. Sam Puckett will be returning in a spin-off pilot from the mind of iCarly creator Dan Schneider, currently titled Sam and Cat. In the show, Sam teams up with Victorious' Cat Valentine (AKA Ariana Grande) to start up a babysitting business! Knowing these two high school hams, there will be plenty of shenanigans for us to look forward to.


And Sam isn't the only iCarly character making a triumphant return, 'cause Gibby is getting his own show, too! In the tentatively titled Gibby, Gibby gets a job at a recreation center and winds up mentoring four quirky middle-school kids, helping them to break out of their shells. Sounds like a formula for fun to us!


Lastly, Jerry Trainor is set to star in the Nick at Nite original pilot, Wendell and Vinnie. All of you Spencer Shay fanatics can cue the parade, because Jerry will be doing what he does best; playing a goofball guardian! Jerry will play Vinnie, the loveable, wacky uncle and guardian to his buttoned-up nephew, Wendell. Excited? So are we!

So, now that you have the iCarly series finale and three new series to look forward to, there's just one thing left to!

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