Random Facts About the iCarly Cast

Posted on Feb 2, 2012

How much do you really know about the cast of iCarly? Did you know Jerry Trainor likes to keep his feet fashionable? It's true! We heard it from Jerry himself. While interviewing the cast in between press stops on the east coast, we got to ask them all about their quirkiest facts. And they weren't shy to share their secrets!


Nick: "Tell us some random facts about yourselves!"
Noah Munck:"I am the oldest of five kids. ..and they like, range from, I don't know their exact ages, which is sad, but they range from 9-13..."
Jennette McCurdy: "A random fact about me...I'm really nervous about making sure that my teeth are clean, and I won't smile unless their brushed recently, so I brush them often, like four times a day, and I wash my hands for a really long time."
Nathan Kress: "My random fact is that when I adjust the volume on my TV, it has to be in multiples of five, like it has to be like, five, ten, fifteen, twenty, otherwise, anywhere in the middle is just weird to me, I can't do it."
Jerry Trainor: "I'm obsessed with shoes and buying new pairs of boots and shoes. I don't know why, I just love boots and shoes."

These cast mates sure put the "random" in random facts. And it's a good thing there's five main members of this on-screen gang. What would Nathan have done if there were six?! LOL.

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