Jennette McCurdy Hearts Emma Stone!

Posted on Oct 19, 2012


It seems like just yesterday we were hearing the news that Emma Stone was guest starring on iCarly. But now the day is finally here!! Emma will make her official cameo debut this Saturday in "iFind Spencer Friends." And Jennette McCurdy was nice enough to tell us all about it.


Jennette started off by chirping, "Cannot believe we iCarly's got to work with the amazing miss Emma Stone…" And then she spilled to about life on set with Emma. "...She couldn't have been any nicer," Jennette explained. "We've had some really big guest stars and when I say they couldn't have been nicer, I'm not just throwing that around, even though it sounds like I am. They seriously remember everybody's name and our crew and are just very sweet and down to earth and it's really great."


It seems like good times were already had on set of this all new episode. We can only imagine how much more fun it has in store for us! Don't miss "iFind Spencer Friends," featuring guest star Emma Stone, coming your way this Saturday at 8/7c!


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