It's Time To Say iGoodbye To iCarly, Tonight!

Posted on Nov 23, 2012


It's time to say goodbye to one of our favorite shows on planet earth...iCarly. But this is no time for crying. Okay, you're allowed a few tears. Only a few! What we really should be doing is celebrating all the awesomeness that this wacky web show has brought into our lives! And so, we've decided to list the top five ways that iCarly has changed us for life. Plus, we're reliving our favorite moments in a special farewell video and giving you the chance to see your much-loved cast members say goodbye.


The Top 5 Ways iCarly Changed Our Lives Forever
5. Penny Tees
We'll never be able to wear a normal tee shirt again. Now, it must always display a silly phrase like "Maybe Gravy" or "Rubber Toast." Or else, well, it's just not cool enough.
4. Random Dancing
Sure, people may look at us funny when we show up to a dance and do the flailing funky chicken. But we don't care! It's how Carly, Sam, Freddie and Gibby would do it. Right?
3. Spaghetti Tacos
This dish is way too scrumptious to ever take off of our weekly dinner rotation. Noodles wrapped in a delicious hard-shell tortilla? Heaven on a plate.
2. Coconut Cream Pie
Is there any other dessert? Okay, maybe Fat Cakes. But that's it!
1. Phrases Like "Shoosh Yeah" and "Beavecoon"
We've picked up so many iCarlyisms over the years, we're practically speaking a new language!


And now that we've shared how iCarly will forever live on in our lives, it's time to say goodbye in the best way we know how. With a farewell tune!

But wait! The cast has something they'd like to say, too....

We'll remember you forever, iCarly, as the show that made us laugh so hard we almost developed a permanent side stitch. And to our fellow fans out there, don't forget to join us in ringing in the epic series finale tonight at 8/7c!

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