iCarly Series Finale!

Posted on May 17, 2012


For five wonderful years we've LOLed our way through countless episodes of the greatest web show on earth...iCarly! Whether we were watching Sam gobble down a five-ton slab of ham, seeing Carly totally freak over small confined spaces, watching Spencer light yet another thing on fire, or bursting out laughing every time Gibby did pretty much anything shirtless, there's no chance we'll ever forget all the memories we've shared with this world class cast. But all good things must come to an end sometime. It's just been announced that this year, iCarly will be premiering it's final episode. But this is no time for tears! It's time to celebrate!


We're taking this time to look back on our finest memories, from the time Sam and Carly first fought over a tuna sandwich, to the brief moment when Gibby became the newest boy band member of One Direction. But we're not the only ones reminiscing the good times had in Bushwell Plaza. The whole cast will forever hold a place in their hearts for this sensational (and fantabulously funny) series.


And just because the show is coming to a close, doesn't mean the cast is calling it quits! They've got tons of new projects lined up for the future.


Miranda Cosgrove is heading off to hit the books in college.


Jennette McCurdy's got her very own show in the works, with iCarly creator, Dan Schneider.


Nathan Kress already landed his first movie role in Game of Your Life and is looking forward to taking on a bundle of new characters.


Noah Munck has also got a new role in the works, starring in yet another show created by Dan Schneider.


And Jerry Trainor is set to star in a brand new pilot, Wendell and Vinnie, playing the goofy guardian to his uptight boy genius nephew.

So, just because the show is coming to an end, doesn't mean you can't continue to watch these awesome stars while sporting your Penny-T for life. We know we will...

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