iCarly Cast And Fans Chirp iCarly Love!

Posted on May 31, 2012


We're feeling so warm and fuzzy inside, we could start random dancing right here and now. And that's thanks to all the love #reasonswhyiloveicarly has been receiving in the tweet trees! Even though news about the iCarly series finale this year has everyone going bananas, it's brought about a ton of great memories from some of the show's best and craziest moments. Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy and Noah Munck led the chirp charge by giving big ups to all their loyal fans, who reek of absolute awesomeness. Jennette also took the opportunity to profess her love for Penny Tees, Spencer's goofy antics, and all the cool guest star appearances. And we couldn't agree more!

Jennette tweeted, "#reasonswhyiloveicarly where else have you seen penny tees?" And Noah chirped, "#ReasonsWhyILoveiCarly because of all of you guys!! Best. Fans. Ever!!"


But that's not where the fun ends! If iCarly history was a school subject, its fans would be A+ students, because they voiced tons of fun facts from the show's five year run. Not only did they tweet about their fave iCarly moments, but they made sure to express their never-ending appreciation for the lovable cast.

One fan said, "reasonswhyiloveicarly where else can u go to a cafe that sells tacos and bagels on a stick!!!" So true!

And another fan tweeted, "#reasonswhyiloveicarly fat cakes, buttersock, ham, big forks, fried chicken, and the common question 'why you so stupid?'"


Who could forget Sam's infamous butter sock, Gibby's shirtless showdown, the Groovy Smoothie, random dancing, and One Direction's awesome acting skills? Not us. And the fans sure proved that they will never forget either. The nostalgia never ends, so in celebration of the best web show EVER, how about we all have spaghetti tacos for dinner tonight? And while you're mixing in some of that delicious meat sauce, add it to the never-ending list of reasons why iCarly will forever be awesomely cool.

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