If Liz Ruled The World

Posted on May 18, 2013

If Liz Gillies Ruled the World 1

What would the world be like if Victorious tough cookie Liz Gillies was in charge? Get ready, 'cause we're about to give the planet a complete Gillies makeover! You know, just for kicks. So if Liz ruled the Earth, would Tori be banished to planet Pluto? Let's find out.

If Liz Gillies Ruled the World 2

Well, first off, the world's fashions would be a lot darker. One of Liz's favorite shades to sport is black! Black shirts with black pants and all black accessories? That's so in this season.

If Liz Gillies Ruled the World 3

But it's not all about the color black in this new world, 'cause everyone would be getting tons of greens! If you didn't know, Liz is vegan. So fruits and veggies would be the main dish on the menu. Delicious and nutritious!

If Liz Gillies Ruled the World 4

And lastly, don't even think about talking to Liz. If you wanna speak to this new queen of the world, you've gotta sing it! If Liz ruled the world, everyone would belt it out like they were in a musical 24/7. You do know she used to sing on Broadway, right?

We do-re-mi-fa-SO want to live in Liz's world, but we just might have to tune up our vocal chords a bit... Me-me-me-meeee!


If SpongeBob ruled the world...

that world would be full of Krabby Patties.


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