If Lucas Ruled The World

Posted on Jun 28, 2013

If Lucas Cruikshank Ruled the World 1

Planet earth is one (humungous) place, but what would things be like if only ONE person was the boss of it? Probably tons of hard work right? Well, we have a likely candidate that would make being king of the land that much better, and his name is...Lucas Cruikshank! This certified funny-man is known for bringing on the laughs, and we just can't help but think how LOL-able the world would be if he was in charge. Check it!

If Lucas Cruikshank Ruled the World 2

If you're allergic to cats, start looking for another planet to live in! Lucas loves these furry critters so much, he'd make sure all cats had a warm bed and a loving human to go home to...and by that, we mean ALL of them.

If Lucas Cruikshank Ruled the World 3

But those aren't the only creatures that would roam around freely. Magical unicorns would also gallop across the land through fields of rainbows, 'cause Lucas loves them too!

If Lucas Cruikshank Ruled the World 4

And if things couldn't get more out-of-this-world than this, aliens would also be our neighbors! 'Cause it's only right that this Marvin Marvin star would show love to his fellow space heads. Pretty awesome right?!

So, waddayathink? Should we let Lucas reign as King for a day or two? For a once-in-a-lifetime chance to cuddle with tons of kitties, meet friendly unicorns and hang with neighborly aliens, our vote is a definite YES!

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