Introducing Cymphonqiue Miller!

Posted on Nov 21, 2011

Name? Cymphonique Miller. Purpose? To show everyone in the world How to Rock! It's official. Cymphonique is the newest member of the Nick fam. And we're welcoming her with open arms! But just in case you're not up-to-date on this rising starlet, then we're here to give you all of her fabulous 411.


Cymphonique is already a big name in the music biz. And she's got tons of hit tracks like "Lil Miss Swagger" and "Daddy I'm a Rockstar" to show for it.


And speaking of music, did you know she sings the theme song for our favorite fairy show, Winx Club? Yup. Cymphonique is the owner of the talented pipes showcased in the track, "Winx Your Magic Now"!


But we haven't just heard her on the radio. We've seen this gal on the tube, too. Not only did she guest star on Keke Palmer's fashionable show, True Jackson, VP, but she put the boys of Big Time Rush in the doghouse when she guest starred as the leading lady of Kat's Crew in Big Time Girl Group.


And now, Cymphonique has got a show of her own! And trust us, it's gonna be good. She gave Teen Mag a quick rundown of the series, spilling, "It's about Kacey Simon who starts off as the most popular girl in school and is a leader of a clique called the 'Perfs', which is short for perfects. Until, she finds herself in a situation where she has to wear braces and glasses, then her 'perf' friends disown her. She finds new friends and later becomes the lead singer of their band Gravity."
And as if we need another reason to watch, Cymphonique also added, "It's super funny, it's got a good message, keeps it fresh because there's new music almost every episode and it's got something in there for everyone."

So now that you know it all about the coolest new Nick celeb, watch out for her new show, coming in 2012! It'll be worth the wait.

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