Introducing Rachel Crow!

Posted on Apr 6, 2012


Fred Figglehorn is sporting his reds, whites, and blues and taking to the halls in a campaign for class prez! But there's bad news. Kevin's running, too!! (GAHH!) But not to fear. Fred will have plenty of help thanks to the show's newest guest star, Rachel Crow. Unfamiliar with this glamorous new celebrity gal? Well, allow us to introduce you! Not only is Rachel lined up to tour with the gorgeous boys of BTR this summer, but she's about to make her Nick debut as Fred's political pal, Starr.


Rachel came to fame thanks to her wow-ing vocal chops on the hit show, X-factor. But now, she's ready to take Hollywood by storm! Get the deets from Rachel, herself, on her role in this weekend's all new FRED: The Show episode, "Class Election."

We can't wait to catch Rachel light up the small screen next to our fave fast-talking funnyman. Don't miss the all new episode, tonight! And keep an eye out for this new rising Starr!


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