The Party Rocked!

Posted on Jun 13, 2011

Okay, okay...So the balloons are slightly deflated and there's only a few scattered crumbs left on the party snack table (thank you Sam Puckett). What? The party can't last FOREVER! Well, at least we can look back at all of our fab party memories and celebrate all the good times we had. Check out our fave party moments from the cast clash of a lifetime, iParty with Victorious.


Carly's new beau! This relationship was oh-so-adorable, But sadly...It didn't last. Thank you Cheater McCheaterson!


When the iCarly crew caught on to the two-timing beau, it was off to Los Angeles (complete with master masseuse Gibby Gibson)!


When Sam and Rex battled it out for hip-hop props, it was rap and rhyme prime-time!


When Steven gave this bracelet to both girls, he told them, "It's one of a kind - just like you!" But they quickly discovered all his sweet talk was filled with fibbery!

And our absolute fave moment of the biggest bash of the year? When the double-dating dope finally got what he deserved! Relive this moment of ultimate revenge...

This party totally rocked! But sadly, it's time to dump the punch bowl, ditch the onion dip, and maybe find Sinjin a hospital nearby (is he alright?). This party is finito.

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