iParty with Victorious Premiere Party

Posted on Jun 5, 2011

The party is almost here! But before we get to boogie down with the ultimate cast clash during iParty with Victorious, all of the super show's stars got an exclusive party of their own. This weekend, all of our favorite Nick stars hit the Orange Carpet for the Hollywood premiere of iParty with Victorious and they had a total blast!


Just look at this great big happy family! These party pals got together to celebrate all the fun they had while shooting this awesome summer show.


There was tons of goofing around on this party's Orange Carpet. Avan Jogia and Matt Bennett couldn't resist playing games with the paparazzi.


After all the party guests arrived, it was time to find their seats and grab their popcorn. Let's get this party started, already!

All of our Nick party pals had such a blast at this magical premiere, we just can't wait to see the show! Want to see even more of the premiere party? Get all the iParty premiere pics right here.


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