Your Favorite iParty Pals in the Star Lounge!

Posted on Jun 2, 2011

There's a super sweet party goin' on in the Star Lounge, and you've got the exclusive invite! Your favorite pals from iParty with Victorious are already there bustin' out some mega moves. Think you can do better? Well head on over and challenge them to a dancing duel! Or maybe you just wanna lay low and take some pretty party pics with Miranda Cosgrove. Either way, this fiesta is gonna me majorly epic. Check the deets below before you cruise into the party scene.


When you step into the party, stop for a chit-chat with Jennette and Miranda, who are having a blast snapping pics and hangin' out on the comfy couches in the party lounge.


And don't forget to pause for a mega photo montage with Miranda Cosgrove herself (duh)! Say cheeeeeeese.


Then, you should head upstairs to the dance floor where Leon Thomas and Liz Gillies are breakin' it down on the dance floor with the help of Victoria Justice spinnin' beats. This floor is on fire! You're such a great DJ, VJ!

This party looks like so much fun! Well, what are you waiting for?! Hop over to the Star Lounge now and get your party on!


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