The Party Starts Tomorrow!

Posted on Jun 10, 2011

We're totally psyched for the biggest bash of the summer, iParty with Victorious. And you know what gets us even more pumped to party? Knowing that it's just 24 hours away! That's right. There's only ONE day left until the ultimate super-show shindig finally kicks off! But just in case you're still wondering what this fiesta has in store, we put together a little clash-course list of what you can expect. Check it out!


1. A Mega Mash-Up. The iCarly and Victorious casts aren't the only ones colliding. Their show's awesome theme songs are getting mix-and-mashed into one seriously epic track.


2. Two-Timing Drama. Why are these casts suddenly colliding? Well, you have one two-timing bad boy to blame. He's trying to double date Tori and Carly! We're happy about the cast clash, but we still think he's a total twerp!


3. iCarly iNcognito. When the cast of iCarly decides to go undercover to crash the Victorious bash, that's when the party really begins...


4.Totally Epic Stunts. This party is packed with adventure. And by adventure we mean outrageous and death defying stunts!...Don't worry...No cast members were harmed.

5. Loads of Laughs. What happens when two hilarious casts come together in one epic TV event? Well, let's just say you should avoid drinking a lot of water...Check out this sneak peek clip and get ready to ROFL!

Now that you know what to expect, the only thing left to do is put on your party face. Seriously, put it on! We're only a day away!


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