Jack and Kira Are Our Heroes!

Posted on Oct 21, 2013

Jack Kira Heroes 1

Jack Griffo and Kira Kosarin are like peas and carrots. Actually, maybe they're more like peas and grapefruit, 'cause they do play polar opposites on The Thundermans. Kira's character is all about getting straight As, while Jack's character spends most of his time hanging in his evil lair. But even though they're different, they've got one major thing in common. They're both heroes! And we're not just talking about their time on set. They're pretty awesome in real life too.

Jack Kira Heroes 2

So, why is Jack Griffo our hero in real life? Well, he does have hair like a Greek god, but that's not the only reason. He's got style, charm and he's one of the hardest workers we know. Did you know he guest starred on Marvin, Marvin, See Dad Run and nabbed a starring role in the upcoming movie, Jinxed?! Now that's star power.

Jack Kira Heroes 3

As for Kira, well, she's probably one of the most happy-go-lucky celebs we know. And she's got more than a great attitude. She's got tons of hidden talents. For example, song writing! Before getting some shut-eye after a long day on set, she tweeted, "I gotta get some sleep but I'm writing a song and can't stop... I'm gonna regret this tomorrow but oh well!" Looks like we've got a new triple threat in the house.

Jack Kira Heroes 4

There's plenty of reasons to heart this new dynamic duo. But it's their major talent and awesome attitudes that give them total role model status!

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