5 Perfect Bday Gifts for James

Posted on Jul 16, 2011

Birthdays are a time for streamers, sprinkles, cake, and (our favorite..) gifts! But what if it's the very special birthday of a certain famous boy band member? (Hint, hint: We're talking about James Maslow). Well, then it calls for some very special gift giving! So, if you've been thinking about what to give to this big time birthday boy, we've got tons of gift tips for making today James' best bday ever! Check out the top five best bday gifts that we think would be perfecto for JM.


1. A date with Emma Watson.
James told Bop and Tiger Beat, "I've always had a crush on Emma Watson. She is an amazing actress, she's gorgeous, and plus she seems like she'd be a really cool girl to hang out with. The British accent is a huge plus!"


2. A comb.
This one's a no brainer. How else would he keep his hair that perfect?


3.A home cooked meal.
James loves to eat! He told Relate Magazine, "...I'm a big fan of food so dinners are always fair game."


4.A big comfy pillow!
James is constantly on the road with BTR, touring the world! So when it's time for some tour bus R&R, he needs a soft place to lay that perfect head of hair. Don't ya think?


5. Or you could just send him a special bday tweet!
James is so excited about all the birthday shout outs he's been getting from his fans. He chirped...

"...thank you for the early birthday wishes and cards! Just wrote a song, now bed. Xo"
"So this is my last Saturday being 20...kind of weird to think about and yet it's kind of cool. Anyway, on way to London-town! Xoxo, JM"
"Thank you all for the kind words and birthday wishes. Lots of love, JM"

No matter what you decide to give JM on his special day, just make sure you send him some big time love. It is his bday after all. He deserves it!

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