James Maslow Chats About Big Time Summer Tour

Posted on Jun 11, 2012


Attention all Rushers! If you thought it couldn't get better than the Big Time Rush Better With U tour, then think again. The peeps over at Artist Direct caught up with BTR cutie, James Maslow, who shared some pretty juicy deets about the band's upcoming summer tour. And take it from us, this is one summer activity you do not wanna miss...


There was no holding back when James spilled the beans about what's going to make the Big Time Summer Tour BTR's best tour yet. "We're going to add more songs and choreography, maybe even more backup dancers and pyro," he said. "We want the show to be not only fun musically, but entertaining for anyone in attendance. The summer is going to be huge." Huge is an understatement. The BTR crew is ditching the theater-type spaces and going bigger than ever, playing shows in amphitheaters and arenas. The larger venues will allow the guys to do a lot more eye-catching stunts. Talk about elevating!


And speaking of elevating, it's pretty clear to see the guys had a certain song in mind while planning out this summer concert series. James, who wrote Elevate, dished, "It's about elevating life and having a great time. We tried to make that into a really fun song. Whenever I listen to it, I'm energized and it makes me happy. I think of having a good time and pushing yourself further."


No doubt, these hard-workers have a knack for making good music and putting on a sensational show. But if you're wondering whether they ever run out of inspiration, the answer is, not a chance! When asked what inspires him, James had too many things to choose from. "I love surfing," he said. "I found a lot of inspiration having peace by myself. I like reading. Often, I'll put a book down and daydream which will take me to something else that'll give me inspiration" But that's not all! "During the past several years, it's also come from meeting fans." he added. "Fans tell you stories. I hear life stories and personal stories. I get a lot of inspiration from fans."

Well, there are quite a few places where James is sure to meet inspirational fans this summer...all across the U.S!! Don't miss your chance to motivate the band (and catch one unforgettable show) when the BTR tour bus rolls into your town soon!

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