James Maslow's Lucky Tee!

Posted on Jan 15, 2013

Blog Image James Lucky Tee Image 1

James Maslow knows how to give us the giggles while playing pretty boy James Diamond on Big Time Rush. But he's also constantly making us swoon with his primo vocals on tour with the rest of the BTR boys. But what's better than his perfect pipes and shining performances on the tube? His style! Between the set and the stage, he's definitely scored a stellar supply of gear. But in that mega mix of clothing, there's gotta be a few pieces that really stand out, right? Well, for James, one t-shirt in particular has a very special meaning. In fact, it's his lucky tee!

Blog Image James Lucky Tee Image 2

In an interview with Fanlala, James dished, "My favorite tee shirt is my lucky tee shirt, it's a vintage kind of baseball tee. Red. I wore it...years ago auditioning for this show [Big Time Rush]. So that's my lucky t-shirt, that might be my favorite." Well if it landed James the part on Big Time Rush, then we can see why it's so lucky!


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