James Maslow's Next Role As A Superhero?

Posted on Jan 5, 2013

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Who doesn't dream of being a superhero? We all do! But for James Maslow, that dream just might come true. No, he's not planning on getting bit by a radioactive spider any time soon, but he did reveal to LA Teen Festival that he's been thinking of gaining some supernatural powers...on screen!

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James dished, "As a kid, you get into acting, I think, because you watch movies. At least for me, that was a big part of it. I watched movies and I loved them. And I would look at action films and I would be like, 'Wow. I could do that!'...So for me, you look at that childhood passion and now it could potentially become a reality. A silly goal that I had as a child, that now I actually wanna translate into real life, is to play a superhero."

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So does this mean James will be suiting up in tights and taking to the skies for a brand new role? Not quite yet. But you never know what the future might bring! "I might actually have time to do a movie," James said. "... I can't talk about anything, 'cause there's nothing official. Big Time Rush is still the focus by far...Honestly, I'm taking it day by day...I really plan on working for a long time."

Well, if James does start sporting a cape and flying through the clouds for his next role, he might wanna invest in some heavy-duty hair gel. Hey, that much wind could really mess up his 'do!


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