James Maslow Spills On BTR's Third Album!

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

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Elevate accounts for a huge percent of our playlist. But when it comes to Big Time Rush, we've always got room for new tunes! And good thing, 'cause they're about to hit us with some fresh jams! James Maslow told Cambio that the guys are gearing up to work on their third album (score!). And this time, they're creating their music in a whole new way.

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"In our lives, we're going back in the studio to record a third album," James said. "We have to write and record that...After that, probably go back on tour. We've got a whole lotta BTR still going. We're still moving with it."

But this new album is gonna be a bit of a change from previous records. "We're doing it a little differently this time," James said. "For the most part, we've always just kinda gone out and worked with producers and writers we like, and come back in and best song wins. And we may try and kinda hone in on the sound and keep it to a couple producers. Having four of us and four different voices, it makes us who we are. But when you write a song about a girl and split it four ways, three of which have never met the girl, I mean, it's kinda different."

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And even though James is planning on a new way of writing with the BTR guys, he still plans to keep some of his own tracks on the back burner. "When you have a relationship or love, it comes out in your music," James explained. "There's certain songs that are about that that I'm not sure I'll ever use for Big Time Rush. That may be more when I do my own career with music down the line that people will hear."

Whether they're just James' tunes, or new jams from the band, we're excited to hear it all!

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