James Maslow's First Impression

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

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The first time we saw James Maslow combing out his beautiful locks on Big Time Rush, we were in L-O-V-E. But what did the other guys think of James when he first stepped on set? Were they pals at first sight? Or did Maslow's oh-so-perfect mane send the other three dudes running for the barber shop?

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In an interview with Fanlala the guys revealed all. "I wanna ask you a question," James said to Carlos. "What was your first impression of me?"

And Carlos replied, "Honestly...you were very intimidating, because you were so confident and you were like, 'I'm here. I'm doing this.' Cause it was during the audition process, so...And your hair was just great, and I was like, 'Oh man! I don't have that!'"

It's true. At first glance, James' angel-like hair can be hard to approach, but that didn't keep this group of guys from becoming best buds! Once they were cast, Carlos, James and the rest of the gang realized they were just four dudes with major vocal chops and a whole lot in common. Oh, and they've all got pretty dynamite 'dos. No barber needed!


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