James Maslow's Pre-Fox Pets

Posted on Jan 20, 2013

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There's one saying that James Maslow lives by...A pet pooch is a guy's best friend! James has always had a canine BFF by his side, even before the days of Big Time Rush! And although he spends his present days snuggling up with his adorable pup, Fox, he's got a whole list of mutts that he once called family.

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While chatting with Fanlala, James gave the scoop on all of his previous pets. And yes, he was always a dog-lover. "I always grew up with dogs," he said. "First, I had a little dachshund, that we called an Asthma-hound Chihuahua because she smelled and was just a strange dog, and always wheezed. So we made up that name. But her name was Dancer, she was great. And then most of my life, 14 years growing up as a kid, I had Falco. He was a 100 pound yellow lab. Just this huge, alpha male. Great, great dog. He actually passed away when I was filming Big Time Rush up in Canada. So that was kinda hard 'cause I wasn't home."

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Awe! We were crushed to hear the sad news about James' childhood dog, but soon he found a new tail-wagging addition to perk up his spirits! "It was right before that, that I was up in Canada filming this movie, and I was getting kind of I really wanted a dog," James explained, "Anyways, I found Fox...He's the greatest dog. I love him, and it's perfect."

Now we know. James and Fox were always destined for puppy love!

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