Jennette McCurdy Ate a Snake!

Posted on Jul 18, 2011

Everyone knows Jennette McCurdy is a hilarious country crooning superstar. But did you know she's got a brown belt in Uechi-ryu? Neither did we! JM spilled tons of inside deets to AOL Kids and we found out loads of things we never knew about her. Check out the list of 12 random facts that Jennette spilled to AOL below...


1. "I decided I wanted to become an actor after watching Star Wars."
2. "I'm an avid reader and am currently obsessed with fiction and great autobiographies."
3. "Whenever I have any spare time, I find an ice rink so that I can go figure skating. I find it very freeing and it clears my head."
4. "I am obsessed with the movie 'Back to the Future' and know a lot of quirky trivia about the film. I even attended a week-long 'Back to the Future' fan event where fans got to ride hover boards, sit in DeLoreans, and recreate scenes from the movie. The week ended with a reenactment of the "Enchantment Under the Sea Dance."
5. "I do not like pie. The mushy texture is really off-putting to me."
6. "I'm a huge TV and film buff."
7. "I enjoy tasting extreme foods. The craziest food I've tried so far was rattlesnake which was good. I thought it tasted like breakfast sausage."
8. "I grew up in a 1,200 sq ft house with eight people living in it! My parents, my three older brothers, my grandparents, myself and, at the time, our three dogs. It was so much fun!"
9. "Growing up, my grandmother walked around the house singing Patsy Cline songs all the time and I think that hearing her sing old country songs definitely raised my interest in the genre."
10. "I always wear mismatched socks. My grandfather did my laundry once and lost most of my socks so I had no other choice but to wear mismatched pairs. I must have had a particularly good day because now I do it all the time on purpose."
11. "I have a brown belt in Uechi-ryu, a traditional style of Okinawan karate."
12. "I really enjoy reading inspirational quotes, especially from people like Henry David Thoreau, Albert Einstein and Oscar Wilde. I think it is so cool to have these little nuggets of wisdom to model your life after. I love quotes that inspire and uplift me to take on any challenge."

Really? Rattlesnake? Well Jennette, if you say it tastes like breakfast food, then who's up for some snake-n-eggs?

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