Sam and Cat Is Almost Here!

Posted on Jun 5, 2013

Sam & Cat Coming Soon 1

The show everyone is waiting for is only THREE days away!! And we couldn't be more excited. Seeing two of our favorite celebs dive head first into the milk-spilling, diaper-changing world of babysitting? Yeah, that's pretty awesome. But this isn't all for TV. There's real life babysitting going down every day on the Sam and Cat set!

Sam & Cat Coming Soon 2

Jennette dished to Just Jared Jr., "We are acting indeed, but there are still young kids everywhere, who have never done acting before, who have no idea what a camera is. But they're adorable." Sounds like quite the full-time job!

Sam & Cat Coming Soon 3

And Ariana Grande earns her sitting stripes with every take! "I've never babysat, but I have enough babysitting experience now for the rest of my life," she dished. Are you thinking what we're thinking? They should totally turn this babysitting thing from all show to reality!

Don't miss the unstoppable duo in action when their BFF adventure premieres, this Saturday June 8th at 8:30pm. Hooray for Sam and Cat!


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