Happy Birthday Jennette!

Posted on Jun 26, 2011

We've got TWO birthday girls in the house! Not only is it Ariana Grande's birthday today, but it's our favorite country crooner's big day too! Yup, today is the day that Jennette McCurdy was born, and to celebrate we're listing the top five things that make this superstar sidekick great. Check it out.

5. Her music rocks our socks! We love all of Jennette's country-kickin' tunes. They always make us wanna throw on our cowboy boots and boogie. And we love her latest video, "Generation Love" the most. It's a Nashville hit!


4. Her jokes keep us ROFLing. There's no explanation needed for this one. Jennette's got the best wise-cracks around, no doubt about it!


3. Her words inspire us! Recently, she wrote her very own article in The Wall Street Journal, speaking out to her friends and fans everywhere. And we thought her words of wisdom were wonderful.


2. Her chirps are hysterical! Whenever we need a quick tweet treat to make us giggle, we know just where to look. Jennette is the wittiest wise-cracker we know! Check out one of her latest comical chirps!
J: "The one thing I like about a fever is that I feel like a fire-breathing dragon". LOL!


1. She's the ultimate party pal! We're seriously jeal of this girl's besties. She's the sweetest pal a friend could ever ask for. Just look at Jennette with her co-star and long-time chum, Miranda Cosgrove. MC is so lucky to have a bud like J.

Well, happy b-day to you Jennette! We hope it's filled with good tunes, great laughs, memorable moments, and loving friends. Because those are all the reasons why we love you most!

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