Clarinet Jennette

Posted on Jan 18, 2013

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We thought we knew everything about Jennette McCurdy..until we found out she still snuggles with her fluffy teddy Norm every night and that her name strikes a strong resemblance to an orchestral wind instrument. How did we get this new insider info? We hired a detective! Just kidding, we found it in the tweet trees. Jennette recently held a little Q and A with fans, and we were there to catch all the fun facts. Check out the recap, below!

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Q: "How fun was it being on iCarly?"

A: "very"

Q: "who's your best friend?"

A: "Miranda...."

Q: "Do you prefer chicken nuggets in dinosaur or random shape form?"

A: "dinosaurs. Only chance get to eat em, know what I mean?"

Q: "Your name rhymes with clarinet! What's up with that?"

A: "it kinda does -- I should play"

Q: "favorite hobby? :)"

A: "writing, making music for fun, watching tv, seeing movies, working out"

Q: "do you still like apples?"

A: "love them"

Q: "Summer or winter?"

A: "winter allll the way"

Q: "Do you still have your teddy bear, Norm?"

A: "of course! only meanies dispose of teddy bears"

Q: "cupcake or ice cream?"

A: "ice cream"

Q: "if you had to choose a different color for your eyes what would be? (Red) (purple) (yellow) (gray) or (orange)"

A: "definitely purple"

Q: "have u been to @MirandaCosgrove's new house???"

A: "yes a bunch!!"

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So if Jennette did decide to take on a side hobby playing woodwinds in the local orchestra, do you think she should change her name to Clarinet Jennette? We've gotta admit, it has a pretty nice ring to it!

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