New Fun Facts About Jennette McCurdy!

Posted on Jan 10, 2013

Jennette Fun Facts Image 1

There's always something new to learn about Jennette McCurdy! Her fun and outgoing personality makes her the perfect target for new factoids. So, to keep you McCurdians up-to-date, we've got five of her newest and greatest fun facts, right here. And, as a bonus, one of them just so happens to be a beauty tip!

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Jennette spilled all of these fun facts in a quick Q&A in the tweet trees, featured on her fan site, Just Jennette!

1. Jennette thinks guys look best when they're dressed to the nines! "I love button-downs, skinny ties, nice pants, dress shoes. Sharp :)," she chirped.
2. What does she really think about her iCarly cast mate Jerry Trainor? She tweeted, "He's a gentleman and a scholar."
3. How does she get her hair so perfect? She revealed, "I switch it up often, so my hair doesn't get used to any one product. :) that's the trick!"
4. Jennette's two favorite kinds of cheeses are, "pepperjack and havarti."
5. She's a sushi-lover! And she described her favorites as, "spicy yellowtail, Unagi, [and] spicy tuna." Yum!

Jennette Fun Facts Image 3

As Sam, Jennette has shown us that the way to a girl's heart is through gobs of bacon. But as for Jennette, a havarti cheese sandwich will do just fine! Don't forget to stay on the look out for the latest on this hip Hollywood star, 'cause you never know what new fun factoids might come up! And you do wanna stay in-the-know, right?


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