Jennette's A Triple Threat!

Posted on Aug 27, 2011

iCarly's Sam has got a love for the following three things: fun, food, and being the center of attention. And even though Jennette McCurdy isn't as stubborn and outlandish as her lovable iCarly counterpart, we caught her chatting with Lunchables about those same three things! Check out what Jennette had to say about her fave foods, her love for entertaining, and what she likes to do for fun!


First, Jennette spilled about her fave foods. She said, "I love sushi. I love apples. And I love pasta. My mom makes really good pasta." Sounds scrumptious!

Then, she chatted about what she likes to do in her spare time. She spilled, "When I'm just hanging out with my friends, I love to see comedy shows...I love going to the movie theater with my mom. That's always fun. And I love trying things that are fun, and new, and exciting! If that be go-karting or going to batting cages or riding a horse or just, anything new and random and fun."

And we know Jennette is one seriously talented performer. She even writes her own songs! Well, she spilled about the benefits to being a lyricist. She said, "Songwriting for me is very therapeutic. It's pretty much like writing in your diary, but you just get to make it more fun by putting a melody to it and making it a cool, little three and a half minute nugget."

And this fab and funny triple threat loves the spotlight so much, she's got plans to stick around for quite some time. She said, "I wanna continue singing, and I'd like to continue acting as well. I wanna be a part of entertainment in many capacities. I love to entertain, and I just want to continue doing it." And thank goodness for that! We don't know what we'd do without you!

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